Chateau de SullyThe Castle of Paper, our shop, began as a stationery neighborhood, supported by personal passion for everything that is color, writing, paper perfume.

Over the years, our business expands to children's books, remembering what was beautiful daydreaming, with an adventure or fiction book in the hands. Moving from children's books to self-help's books was a choice strongly desired.

We made this choise because we think that love for reading is an important tool to grow with healthy emotions and good ideals . Also believe that fairy tales are not just pastimes for children helps us to have the courage to realize our dreams.


Castel del Monte As Castel del Monte splendid construction desired by the Emperor Frederick II of Sweden , was a melting pot of cultural activities, the same way the Castle of Paper aims to bring CULTURE as the banner of CHANGE and FREEDOM, 'through courses and evenings of personal ,spiritual and cultural growth , with the strength and flexibility typical of the paper, which changes and turns giving life to many expressive possibilities.


From the experience of twenty years in "the castle of paper" and in view of the profound changes that our times bring us to face, this virtual space is reborn that I like to call "In the castle of Paola"! By remaining faithful to the ideals and passions that have motivated and sustained me for a long time, I now expand the boundaries of this that was my "physical" library on the Web. "The castle of Paola" enters the network, transforms to spread even more his intent, his messages. "The castle of Paola", compared to the Castle of paper is not a physical place but still ideally remains a space in which to develop the multiple aspects of the knowledge, curiosity, the desire to improve and improve, the human need to share .. In the Castle of Paola there will also be a blog, the perfect space in which to grow together with the "friends" the yearning for freedom thought, the desire for creativity, the ambition to grow. And then there will be books, stories and biographies of authors, reflections, events, insights ... A site to browse, with curiosity and passion, the same emotions with which it was created and with which it will come continuously renewed and updated! Soon, therefore, there will be the "LooK change", with new graphics and lots of new ideas !!! Good Life to All from Paola!

Books for financial freedom, personal growth, motivation and spirituality; books for children and dyslexia; school books. Cover books "Coversystem Colibri" learning and educational games. School supplies and office equipment. Prestigious pens and organizers. Binders thesis and documents. Photocopies black / white and color. Print files from USB.
Arts and Crafts from our production:anto Greeting Cards, notebooks, photo albums, gifts, allegorical masks